If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected].


To apply as an artist or band for the festival please contact Zsaklin Zselinszky at [email protected].


Are you planning to showcase your brand at the festival or at its media platforms? Please contact Dániel Sánta for inquiries on sponsorship at [email protected].


Paloznak Jazzpiknik provides press access to the event's programs for all media (print media, TV, radio, online media) whose target groups and reach correspond to the profile of Jazzpiknik, as well as which media provide assistance in promoting the event.

In all cases, the condition of accreditation is the prior publication of testimonials/interviews/news (min. 2 prior publications), the publication of reports/reports during and/or after the festival. You can apply by sending an e-mail to colleague Hanna Szegő with the subject "Accreditation" to [email protected], with a list of planned appearances until July 27, 2023. The application itself does not mean accreditation, we reserve the right to evaluate the applications received! It is only possible to take photos and make recordings at the concerts in the period, duration and manner determined by the performing bands, details of which will be provided during accreditation. Please indicate separately during the accreditation if there is a need for photography.