Do children also need to buy tickets?
Admission is free up to the age of 13 (applies to persons who have NOT turned 14 by the day of the festival). Anyone who bought a ticket can ask for a child's wristband free of charge at the ticket office.
Will there be tickets on the spot?
We cannot guarantee that all types of tickets will be available at the venue, so it is worth buying your ticket in advance.
When is the ticket office open, when can I redeem my ticket?
Wednesday Village center: 11:00 - 20:00 Thursday - Friday - Saturday Village center: 11:00 - 01:00 Main stage: 15:00 - 01:00 VIP: 15:00 - 01:00
Where should I look for free accommodation if Paloznak is already sold out?
It is also worth looking around the surrounding settlements and looking for accommodation. You can find current accommodation on the websites of our accommodation partners, Balaton Riviera, and Szállá A festival bus will run between Paloznak and the surrounding settlements.
What wines can you get at the festival?
Visitors can taste wines from our co-organizer, Homola Pincészet, and Champagne Taittinger champagnes will also be available at the Taittinger Champagne Bar.
How can you pay at Jazzpiknik?
The Hellopay® card is the official means of payment for the Paloznak Jazzpiknik. To top up the card, look for Hellopay® top-up points. In addition to Hellopay® cards, you can also pay with your PayPass credit card at the event.
How will it be possible to travel?
You can find information about the timetables of our festival bus and the Budapest shuttle bus under the Piknik info menu item. It will be possible to travel between the locations on foot.
Does Jazzpiknik accept the SZÉP Card and Erzsébet voucher?
During online payment, we accept OTP and MKB SZÉP cards. We also accept the K&H SZÉP card on site.
Which category of the SZÉP Card can be used at the Picnic?
You can pay for your ticket from all three pockets until 31th December, then online and from the 'Leisure' pocket in the festival area.
We arrived by car. Where can we park the car?
We have created a parking lot for festival visitors in the grassy area between Tó utca and Malom utca. Fontos! A Paloznaki Jazzpiknik rendezvény ideje alatt forgalmi rend változás lesz Paloznakon, az alábbiak szerint: Zrínyi utca - Balaton utca mindkét oldalán „Megállni tilos!” lesz érvényben, a Fő utca a Zrínyi utcától a Nagyhegyi utcáig egyirányúsítva lesz.
I bought a VIP ticket, where can I redeem my voucher?
The VIP box office is located at the entrance to the Great Stage. Opening hours of the VIP box office: from Thursday to Saturday 15:00 - 01:00
I bought a ticket, but I can't attend the festival. What to do?
We recommend Ticketswap for selling tickets.