5 AUGUST 19:00


An exciting, unique musical sound characterizes Soma Mamagésa's latest musical formation, with which they debuted at the Everness festival. (June 2015.) The melodies and lyrics are written by Soma Spitzer Gyöngyi, the music by András Schlosser, and the arranger and composer (plus saxophonist) György Lőrincz. The lyrics were written by Soma in Hungarian, English and gibberish.

Soma formulated the purpose of their music in such a way that the most important thing for her is touching and liberating the soul, and quality entertainment. She feels that "soul music" will become more and more characteristic of her over time, and she wants to delve deeper into it. She would like their music to touch the playful-creative-creative-eternal child in everyone. Her lyrics are imbued with spiritual thinking and playfulness.

The musical style is very unique, but it is basically characterized by catchy melodies. Many different elements appear in their repertoire: jazz, pop, ethno and rock styles can also be heard in some places, but basically all of them are characterized by melodiousness, playfulness, and in quite a few songs, the elemental, which gives a psychedelic sound to some of the songs. The concert is structured in a very conscious arc, after a gradual construction comes the climax, the outpouring, then the arc is characterized by a faster descent compared to the ascent, and finally the connection with the audience. The opportunity of music to create an experience of unity and connectedness is a gift that is a pleasure to use.