Richard Bona & Alfredo Rodriguez Band

At first sight, pianist Alfredo Rodríguez and bassist Richard Bona seem worlds apart. The first was born in La Havana, Cuba in 1985, while the second hails from Minta, Cameroon and was born in 1967. Yet, their careers — from their home countries to their recognition and then arrival in the United States — are surprisingly similar. On the one hand, Richard Bona, shortly after settling in France, caught the eye of none other than Joe Zawinul, who saw in him the worthy successor of Jaco Pastorius, invited him to New York and soon made the young bassist a lynchpin of his Syndicate. On the other, Alfredo Rodríguez, a young prodigy, was swiftly spotted by Quincy Jones, who took him under his wing and helped him launch his career. His path soon crossed that of Richard Bona, who collaborated on ‘Tocoroco’ and the ballad entitled ‘Raíces’ (‘Roots’) — a nod to their twin journeys — before they started joining forces more regularly, as a duo and with others.
For their first concert together at Jazz à Vienne, they’ll be performing as a piano–bass–drum trio and playing a repertoire that blends Cuban and African roots, jazz and even chanson into a celebration of the immemorial musical and experiential bedrock that unites them.

Main Stage