3 AUGUST 23:15


The country's bravest musical board game, Vibe Changers, will launch its second season on May 16 on the outdoor stage of Magyar Zene Háza! The unique venture, which takes place on Tuesdays every two weeks, includes a mixture of a club evening series and a talent search, which was brought to life by two of Budapest's best-known improvisation teams with great success last year.

In recent years, Random Trip and Seven Seconds In the Future have separately enticed music lovers who experience the moment of music's birth as a catharsis, week after week, club after club, festival after festival. It's great news for the fans that the focus is also on rocking at the club night called Vibe Changers, however, while the hosts will play music with the invited guests in the first half of the evening, the future soloists (singers, MCs, brass players) will play in the second half of the evening. they can join the founders of the club with an openmic' feature, where it will be revealed within the framework of a few rounds of musical party games by the jury - or thanks to the audience and the band - who had the strongest 'vibe' during the evening, i.e. whose musicality and presence was the most energetic and best suited to the given music during the evening. "The emphasis is not on virtuosity, but on that invisible vibration that often emanates from our favorite performers and which makes it difficult for us to explain why we get goosebumps, what makes us want to dance, why our tears fall, or what just makes us feel better" - declared Jávor Delov, the founder of Random Trip, who himself had similar experiences during joint music sessions with the beatbox-loopstation world champion Kristóf Nagy, the mainstay of Seven Seconds In the Future (7s).

It is a long-term goal that during the musical board game, the champions of the evenings will return from time to time and finally, as the absolute winner, the most energetic singer, rapper and instrumental soloist will be able to show themselves on August 3rd at the Fábián Juli Stage of the Paloznak Jazzpiknik, as well as at one of Random Trip's big concerts in 2023 in front of the general public.