5 AUGUST 23:30


Organic post-pop - welcome to the universe of ODD ID! Rocking synthesizer melancholy turns into wild headbanging - as if a Bonobo concert was attacked by nomadic tribes. Live, he attacks with an unexpected burst of energy and does not give many chances to those who want to sit at his concerts.

The Eger-based band, which initially consisted of 4, then 8, and finally 4 members again (previously known as: Ethnofil), is one of the most unique Hungarian bands. With a new name and a new line-up, they debuted at the 2020 MENT showcase festival in Ljubljana, and their domestic debut took place at the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. In the beginning, their music operated with elements of folk music, which was later replaced by the post-pop world interspersed with electronic motifs, but according to their own admission and those who visit the concerts, they draw from such a colorful range that each of their performances results in an extremely complex experience, which makes the listener really feel like as if he had entered another dimension.

The third of their four released LPs - The Edge - was presented in the large hall of A38, and the latest disc - also released on vinyl - Azimut - was presented in the Akvárium club. The record is included in the annual list of several professional platforms as the outstanding album of the year.