Yes, daily tickets and passes will be available for purchase at the site as well.

Entry is free for children under 14 (this applies to those who do NOT turn 15 until the day of the festival).

A festival bus will be running between Paloznak and nearby towns. Bus schedule and directions will be published shortly. We suggest that you seek out accommodation in nearby towns. You can find current offers at the websites of our lodging partners, Balaton Riviéra, szallas.hu and utisugo.hu. We recommend Holiday Hotel in Csopak and Pelso Camping in Alsóörs as well.

We will be prepping quality grill food, and Sáfránkert Restaurant and the best restaurants on the north shore will set up their tent as well.

This year will again feature not only the wines of Homola Winery, but also exciting items from neighboring wineries as well!

Our festival bus will be running again this year, while on site you can get around by foot or by Tuktuk.

The 2018 schedule will be available shortly.

The official means of payment at the Paloznak Jazz Picnic is the Hellopay® card.

You must have experienced standing in line for half an hour at a festival only to change lines for the first drink, and had money remaining on your card that you never redeemed…

You can forget all of that and not spoil the fun at the Paloznak Jazz Picnic with the Hellopay® card! Apart from Hellopay cards, you can also pay by contactless bank card at the event.

We accept MKB and OTP SZÉP Cards at the venue. (Payment by K&H SZÉP Cards and Erzsébet vouchers are not available.)

The above means are not available when making a purchase through jegy.hu.

Ticket booths in Paloznak open before the event. To avoid long lines, we recommend that you redeem your tickets and passes in the morning.

Opening hours of ticket booths will be published shortly.