4 AUGUST 23:00


The impressive duo of Blues MD, Dániel Artisjus Szebényi, Petőfi és Öröm a zene award-winning keyboardist and guitar virtuoso Mihály Gotthárd, i.e. Mike Gotthard. Currently, both of them are in a newly formed band, the godfather, with Tibus Tátrai, Gergő Borlai and Samu Kéri. members of. In addition to Random Trip, Ivan & The Parazol, Dani is a regular contributor to several Hungarian and foreign bands. A few years ago, as a member of the Henrik Freischlader band, he already got a taste of the real blues world on the European tour. Mike is a member of Electric Shock and Mike Gotthard, but also participates in several Hungarian jazz and fusion bands. In this exciting line-up, the guys present you with a full-blooded blues and rock experience. The program also includes own songs and covers." The special feature of the occasion is that the talented representative of the new generation, Bori Hegedűs, will join the boys.