Amsterdam based groove musketeers, are supplying the globe’s most luxurious places with the better lounge, dance and exotica music for many years. From Sao Paulo to Ibiza to Tokyo. Their album „One day deep”  stayed on the US American Billboard chart for 70 weeks and sold more than 100.000 copies worldwide. In 2017 they celebrated their 15th anniversary as a duo, with the release of their 6th Adani & Wolf album: ‘The Irresistible Dust on the Floor’. With this album, Adani & Wolf have built a bridge between the future and the past. In this musical time machine, influences from Muddy Waters to Barrett to Bowie are being intertwined into a contemporary exotic universe. More than 100 tracks of Adani & Wolf used on compilations like Hed Kandi, Cafe del Mar, Hotel Costes, Brazilectro etc.

Main Stage
Saturday, 3rd of August